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This is us

• Under GeneBEcon, we will develop NGTs and make the results openly available to the scientific community.
• We address economic and regulatory questions surrounding this technology.
• We involve different stakeholders in GeneBEcon to involve and take into account their different perspectives.

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Why new genomic techniques are important?

• As with many other scientific breakthroughs, NGTs allow us to make new discoveries in biology.
• NGTs are valuable additions to other plant breeding techniques.
• NGTs contribute to reduce agricultural and industrial pollution.

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GeneBEcon welcomes the publication of the EC’s legislative proposal to provide …

To all interested in joining the GeneBEcon team! Check the position …

About  - GeneBEcon

Capturing the potential of Gene editing for a sustainable BioEconomy

GeneBEcon is an Horizon Europe-funded project that will examine the innovation potential of gene editing in enabling a sustainable bioeconomy in Europe. Through the application of this technology in potato and microalgae, GeneBEcon intends to promote energy-efficient, low-input, and zero-pollution agricultural production and clean industrial processing.

The project is coordinated by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, Sweden) and started on September 2022.


5 M€


Sep 2022 – Aug 2025

18 partners

11 European countries

Model production systems


 Coming Soon

About  - Infographic

Circular and zero pollution bioeconomy