The first GeneBEcon project’s workshop, the Systems Approach Workshop, will take place on the 1st of March, 2023 at the Hendrik CONSCIENCE building of the Flemish Government in Brussels, Belgium.

The goal of this workshop is to build a systems map for the two production systems (potato and microalgae), as well as to assess the benefits and risks of the new genomic techniques (NGT) interventions using the systems map under different governance options.

The event will have 32 invited participants with diverse expertise, including experts in the values chains, scientific experts in gene editing, environmental and human health experts, consumer and farmer representatives, who will contribute to bringing together different perspectives, to get a more holistic view into the effects of applying NGTs to the two production systems.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction, followed by a draft of the systems map. For this activity the participants will be divided in two groups, one representing the potato case study, and the other one the microalgae systems. In the afternoon session, the two groups will assess the benefits and risks of NGTs interventions under different governance options.