On February 20th, 2024, the GeneBEcon Midterm Symposium was held in Brussels, the seat of the current New Genomic Techniques (NGT) EU legislation discussion. With close to 80 attendees, comprising project partners, stakeholders from various agri-food value chains, and policymakers, the event marked a significant milestone in advancing the dialogue surrounding NGTs legislation and the transformative potential of sustainable agriculture.

Throughout the event, participants explored the project’s progress, with sessions dedicated to dissecting the implications of different regulatory options on biosafety data requirements and socio-economic dynamics. Case studies showcasing tangible applications of NGTs, including virus-resistant potatoes and microalgae for high-value compound production, underscored the potential of these technologies to drive innovation in the agri-food sector.

A highlight of the symposium was the interactive dialogue on consumer choice drivers, which provided a nuanced understanding of the factors influencing public perception and acceptance of NGTs. Amrit Nanda, Executive Manager of Plants for the Future and the event’s organiser, emphasised the importance of diverse stakeholder engagement in shaping impactful outcomes.

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