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Project Outcomes

Regulatory assessment

Technical report  “Regulatory Options for New Genomic Techniques in the European Union”Read More

In this document we have provided six options considering the potential regulatory design of such changes. These options also cover the widest spectrum of possibilities, ranging from working within the framework of the current legislation (Option 1) to streamlining NGT regulatory design with one of the other acts on risk regulation in the EU (Option 6). We included in the development of our six regulatory options for NGTs the following regulatory tools: (A) Authorisation; (B) Post-approval / Postmarket-requirements; (C) Labelling; (D) Traceability; (E) Implications as Incentives (EU / International / Liability / Economic Impact); and (F) Future Proof.

Access the NGT Policy Directions here  
Read the Policy Brief based on an extensive report on NGT Policy Direstions here

Scientific Articles

Purnhagen, K., Ambrogio, Y., Bartsch, D. et al. Options for regulating new genomic techniques for plants in the European Union. Nat. Plants (2023). 

Van Nerom, S., Buyse, K., Van Immerseel, F., Robbens, J., Delezie, E.. Pulsed electric field (PEF) processing of microalga Chlorella vulgaris and its digestibility in broiler feed. Poultry Science (2024). 

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