2nd RRI Workshop is coming soon in February 2024!

Image about the promotion of the 2nd Responsible Research & Innovation Workshop

GeneBEcon is hosting its second Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) Workshop on February 21st, 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. The aim of this workshop is to actively engage the GeneBEcon Stakeholder Advisory Board, Ethics Board, EC, and GeneBEcon partners in a Co-Creation process to define a long-term NGT Transition Vision and Action Plan for increasing NGT-desirability and value in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The workshop is designed to co-create I-SMART actions for a New Genomic Techniques Transition Plan towards sustainable agriculture, food, and biotechnology.


Goals of the 2nd RRI Co-Creation Workshop:


1) Set the scene for Actions co-creation based on the results of the 1st RRI workshop considering how to best handle misinformation and disinformation.

2) Continue the co-creation process by co-defining actions for turning NGTs Weaknesses to Strengths and Threats to Opportunities with I-SMART* Actions for achieving sustainable agriculture and aquaculture and the industrial use of their products, which is our social objective.

*I-SMART: I = Impact on social objective, Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-bound.


The 2nd RRI workshop is being organized and facilitated by GeneBEcon partner, XPRO Consulting Limited, in close collaboration with GeneBEcon partner, EV ILVO.